Crowds watching the action on Ballaugh Bridge, Isle of Man. Notice the photographer kneeling on the left; something not allowed these days. 

 On a day in June 1966 I stood with the crowds alongside the Ballaugh Bridge, Isle of Man to capture images of motorcycles as they took to the air.    Correction: The 1966 IOM TT Races were postponed until September 1966 due to a strike which affected the IOM ferries.

Manx Radio announced that  Malcolm Uphill of Caerphilly was riding under No. 38. The machine was a 500cc Manx Norton suitably modified and tailored to his liking. At this time I was shooting with an Arette 1A 35mm camera fitted with a fixed 45mm lens and loaded with Kodak transparency film. I rarely take panning shots but this shot was a success. This shot needs to have its colour tweaked (being over 45 years old) and will be reposted.

My thanks to Mr. Bryan Farmer for confirming the machine and rider when all other means were proving difficult and identifying modifications. Bryan also painted the fairing and went with Malcolm to the race venues. When finalised the photo will be posted on the necessary tribute websites etc..

This Era starts at the very beginning of the '60's decade when there was still an abundance of two-wheel transport.

Messing around with old cars and motorbikes had begun a few years earlier as vehicles were starting to fail the Ministry of Transport  "10 year Test" and could be bought for less than £10.  These machines would be often be ridden in fields so if they broke down or couldn't be repaired then you just went out and bought another.

I'll have to seek out more of my photos and update this page over the next month or so.

So to begin I've posted a few photos taken at the Pontypool Park sprint event circa 1966.



Typical example of a machine entered by local Motorcycle Club members, mostly home built at low cost and tuned by the owner.


I somehow under exposed this colour transparency  to the extent that this image had to be forced during the scanning and post production process.

Pontypool Park Sprint 1966



The late Mr. Alan Birch making a run on his Triumph road bike (suitably stripped down for the occasion).


Pontypool Park Sprint 1966

Pictured far right is the late Mr. Alan Birch on his Triumph twin (Siamesed exhaust pipes).

In the trilby hat is David Joseph Lewis who fled this country only once returning incognito from Africa to visit me in the '70's.

David's introduction to bikes was as a Telegram Boy working out of Blackwood Sorting Office using a trusty red BSA Bantam.

David hasn't been heard of since although his family tried to find him through various national organisations. Where are you now David?

My Norton Dominator (No. 18) is to the left.            I used to ride this machine every day to work in Cardiff until I bought the Ford Thames van seen behind the group.

Other people unknown at this time.

 Pontypool Park Sprint 1965




This is my old 1960 Norton Dominator 99C 600cc also pictured above in sprint form as No. 18.

Eventually, this bike was exported to New Zealand in 1966 / 67.

The aforementioned elusive David Joseph Lewis. 

                     Here I am at Aberdare Park in the '60s.                                  As scruffy as Hell and dripping with oil. No change there then!

                                       The coming of the Honda

 Aermachi Harley Davidson

 Introducing the "new toy".


Bought this little XR125L Honda to have a little offroad fun on the Ranch.

Had to work on the blocked jet in the carb and paint the scruffy multi-coloured plastic with a coat of near Honda red, but well worth it just to hear the 4 stroke pushrod engine purrr into life.

It's a little too fast on the rough for my liking as I'm used to a trials bike and not a trail bike but there you are, I could tame it by changing the final drive sprockets.

Who knows, if I can replace some of the missing parts I may use it on the road. 

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