Early working days before the grill was replaced and new front tyres fitted.

Brian Steele driving. 

                Saturday 18th. December 2010. Second fall of snow overnight on top of ice. The Fergie goes anywhere on snow but nowhere fast on ice. 



No work today.


Just a lazy day in the woods with the weak Autumn sunlight breaking through the trees.


Did you notice my new multi function tow hitch?

Cute or what?


I bet you are. 

This is how the tractor came when I bought it. The cold frosty mornings didn't help either.

Considering the money I've spent over the last seven years I must be mad.

Nah! Not really.

When it comes to dragging thirty feet tree trunks over rough ground she's worth her weight in gold.

Did you notice I said "she" and "her"? No comment. 

Now at the stage where the tractor's up and running and waiting for a vehicle registration number to be allocated from the DVLA in Cardiff.

 I couldn't trace the original registration number so I had to accept an "age related" plate.

These photos were taken before one of the old rotten rear tyres exploded. Great fun. 



I'm not a happy Teddy Bear!!!


It's my 65th. birthday, I've officially retired from full time employment and all day to play with my new toy.

What do I find?

The battery's gone flat and I'm waiting for the charger to put some life back in it.


Yes I know, I may as well have some life put back in me at the same time. 

There, said it for you.



That dynamo and voltage control box will have to go!!



Maintenance work, tune-up, new tyres, temporary exhaust and a lick of paint.



Photo taken before the dynamo was replaced with an alternator. 



Looking better  already.

A quick wash down makes all the difference. It won't stay this clean for long.

Must remember to fit the exhaust before I go anywhere.


Keeping the fence line taut until I secure the loose post.

My fault, I hit the post with the front wheel whilst looking over my shoulder.



Truth is, I wasn't looking where I was going and almost drove through the fence




Having a quiet "five minutes" in the sun.

You can't be rushing around all and every day.



Two trailers full of hedge and tree cuttings.

Not much of a load but bulky.




I'll get around to painting the rear trailer grey to match the other one some day.




The Ferguson TED20 with a general purpose ex-army trailer makes a very useful combination.



Showing one of the ex-army Sankey general purpose trailers.

This one is rated at 500kg payload, the previous owner having adapted it to have a tailgate.



Using a home-made link box means that you can carry all of your essential tools with you.

Chainsaw, fencing, hammers and staples all to hand. 




This is the business end before we added a combined 50mm ball, pin and a NATO army hitch.





The ability to unearth large rocks is the advantage of having a willing workhorse to help you.

Dedicated to the historic Ferguson tractor.

This model TED20 tractor (little grey Fergie) was born on Friday the 18th. of December 1953 along with 215 brothers and sisters at the old Standard Motor factory, Banner Lane, Coventry, England.

The Ferguson tractor three point hitch system revolutionised food production in the United Kingdom then spread worldwide to become standard on many other makes.

Although more than 63 years old this tractor is still doing work either ploughing, grading or towing trailers. To do this reliably, the ignition is now electronic and an alternator ensures a charged battery.

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