Michael Elwyn Jeremy Steele as he was in the late '70s with family pet Sally the Irish red setter.

His damaged eye was caused by being hit by a thrown stone. 

 Always ongoing and updated when information comes to light.

 Above, my mother Evelyn Steele (Farley) is far left with my father standing next to his mother Ellen Steele.

Agnes Doreen Steele stands behind.


Ellen was the cousin of Elizabeth Colley (Young) who emigrated to Florida via Canada in the 1920's.

The Steele family taken (about 1957) at the Old Smithy, Gretna Green where marriages were once performed over the blacksmith's anvil.

 Agnes Doreen Steele, Evelyn Ruth Steele, Ellen Steele (Young) and John James Steele. 

More photographs from the past. 



The Cookery class from Fleur de Lys school.

My mother (Evelyn Ruth Farley) sitting front row left at about 13 yrs old.

Photograph dated 1936 

Now if that's me sitting on my grandmother's knee (Mary Elizabeth Farley) by the table then this photograph was taken 1944 /46.

Probably the top of Fair View and near the Mission Hall (now long gone). 

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